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Things you need to know about Oklahoma Divorce Law

Overview of Oklahoma Divorce Law

Marriage can be called as social or legal contract between the two people. You may get misconceptions or confusions about your partner. Legal way to end the relationship of marriage is divorce. Each state has their own laws and procedures for getting divorce from their legal partner. The Oklahoma Divorce Law contains special points and postulates that everybody needs to know.

Applying for divorce in Oklahoma under the Oklahoma Divorce Law demands that you should be a resident of the state for at least six months. There are many points on the basis of which you can apply for a divorce in Oklahoma, but the most common one is any kind of incompatibility between the married partners.

There are some residency rules stated inOklahoma Divorce Law. At least one of the spouses should have been lived in state of Oklahoma at least six months. Time period of 90 is required for hearing of petition when children are involved. However your divorce may only require 10 day waiting period without children.

You can find many grounds for filing a divorce in Oklahoma, but it's generally a no fault divorce state. In no fault divorce, the major factor is that there is no hope for any kind of reconciliation between the spouses. Adultery, fraud, alcoholism, imprisonment, allegation of felony or mental distortion can also become a strong basis for filing the case.

In the process of divorce under Oklahoma Divorce Law, the court will determin division of marital property. The marital property is any assets accumulated by the husband or wife. Individual property of acquired one person can’t be given to the other one. It comes under duty of court to decide the whether property is marital property or individual property.

You may also consider a mediated agreement or agreed settlement in Oklahoma Divorce Law. It is the scenario in which parties settle all of the differences between them without any kind of hearing by the court. The purpose of such agreements is to nullify the bitterness between couples so that they can go on with their happy married life again.

There is a proper right for the children support by the Oklahoma divorce Law. The financial support for the child is calculated on the basis of gross income of both parties. Court can take the order back if there comes any kind of settlement between spouses. As the divorce process is complex in nature so you may need to consult aClaremore attorney.