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Most common questions about Oklahoma Divorce Law

Common Questions about Oklahoma Divorce Law

Divorce is an act that may result because of many misunderstandings. Law of filing an application for divorce varies from state to state. Here are some of the most common questions with answers about Oklahoma Divorce Law that could help to remove your confusion.

What are the grounds for getting divorce under Oklahoma Divorce Law?

The court can grant divorce on the basis of following grounds:
  • Adultery
  • Sexual disturbances
  • Violated Actions
  • Habitual drinking
  • Neglecting the duties
  • Threatening the other party
  • Psychosis disease for a period of at least 5 years

Are there any residency requirements for filing a divorce case?

The person applying for divorce should be living in the state of Oklahoma for at least six months. Case would not be entertained if period is less than six months.

Can we find any special legal terminologies for the Oklahoma Divorce Law?

The party who has filed the case for divorce is known as “Plaintiff”, while the other person to be divorced is called “Defendant”.

What is meant by venue for a divorce case?

Venue means the type of court in which you have to file your case. The proper venue for divorce is District Court in Oklahoma. Case should be filed in county where plaintiff has been residing for thirty days or the place where defendant lives.

What are the names of documents related to Oklahoma Divorce Law?

The document that starts process of divorce is known as Petition for divorce. Paper on which divorce is awarded is called Decree of Divorce.

Is there any kind of spouse aid available if the case is pending in court?

The support for the other spouse during case of divorce depends on orders of court. Judge may give the temporary order for supporting the other spouse financially during the case.

What are the views for child custody under Oklahoma Divorce law?

Decision for the child custody depends on scenario of the case. One spouse will be given the full custody while other would be allowed for “Visitation”. In visitation, one parent will only be allowed to visit his child after a certain period of time.

What is child support?

It is the amount of financial aid given by the non custodial parent for the child to meet the daily needs.

Is there any need for hiring attorney to handle such cases?

Divorce cases needs proper documentation and understanding of Oklahoma Divorce Law. Hiring a Claremore Lawyer can help you to move your case in a wise way.